102 years young; well, not really

So we have to bite the BIG bullet.

The gorgeous, iconic front porch of the Mansion is in sad shape.  The extreme temperatures of the past few winters, combined with the harsh chemicals needed to keep it safe for our guests have taken their toll.  And truly, if anything or anyone lasts 102 years these days, I’d say you’ve gotten your money’s worth out of it, eh?

So, around June 1, we’ll begin an extensive renovation of the Front Porch.  We’ll document the progress and share the pictures along the way (after all, I hope what we do will be good for another 100+ years!), and hopefully provide the least amount of disruption for our guests.  All it means is that they’ll be a big mess out front, and the back porch will be used as the main entrance; unsightly for sure but a necessity to ensure the integrity of the Mansion’s architecture and the safety of every visitor.

We hope it won’t scare you away, and we’ll certainly do our best to minimize the impact on our guests.  Stop by and check it out if you can, and in the mean time let’s hope for good weather and motivated contractors to move this along as fast as possible!

xo, Kathy

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