Be My Valentine, Please and Thank You!

What’s the take-away from all the ‘Hallmark Holidays’? It’s show the ones you care about how much you love and appreciate them.  And sometimes that means carving out that ever elusive one-on-one time together, without distraction.  Imagine from 4pm until noon the next day, you have no schedule, no obligation, nothing to do other than just BE together, in the moment, enjoying the “no-plan-plan”.  That is what we offer to our guests!  The invaluable escape which is so hard to achieve.  And to boot, we throw in some flowers and chocolates to make everything a bit sweeter.  We have a few rooms left for this weekend, and we’d love to see you here!

But wherever you are and whatever you do, be sure to tell your valentine you’re thankful for their company.


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