Et tu, Groundhog?

Well, *finally* digging out from Jonas meant that up the road a bit, old Punxsutawney Phil had a lazy morning and did not, in fact, see his shadow.

We are hoping he is correct and that spring is just around the corner. As big a mess as it was, it sure was super helpful for Mother Nature to dump an entire winter’s worth of snow in one event.  Now the melt, and the slop, and the mud that follows will herald warmer weather, spring flowers, and get people moving around the country once more.

We certainly hope you’ll take advantage of the coming temperance and join us for a long weekend sometime soon. Plus we have a gorgeous newly restored porch that simply requires admiration by the masses.

Hope to see you soon!

Ghost Hunting at the Mansion

Have you ever heard anything go bump in the night, or seen something out of the corner of your eye, but nothing was there? You are not alone. Join us at the Sheppard Mansion on August 30 to go ghost hunting with the Ghost and Spirit Paranormal group. Learn what tools are instrumental in aiding… Continue Reading

Special Pricing Available August 7-9

We are turning a loss into a victory. The Sheppard Mansion is offering a special for those that want to attend the rescheduled annual Gettysburg Civil War Reenactment. Book two nights, August 7-8 and get the third, August 9 free. Stay in a house steeped in history, while visiting the historic battle sites. Goody bags will… Continue Reading

102 years young; well, not really

So we have to bite the BIG bullet. The gorgeous, iconic front porch of the Mansion is in sad shape.  The extreme temperatures of the past few winters, combined with the harsh chemicals needed to keep it safe for our guests have taken their toll.  And truly, if anything or anyone lasts 102 years these… Continue Reading

Thanks for visiting the Spring Bridal Expo

Thanks to all the brides and their supporters for visiting our first Bridal Expo on April 25. We had more than 30 local vendors come and share their expertise and gain some wonderful new clients. If you were unable to attend, don’t worry. You can email Sharonwise@sheppard to arrange a tour and get information… Continue Reading

Here’s Where the Snow Is

There are ten inches of fresh powder at Liberty Mountain Resort and the best thing is the roads are mostly cleared to get there and back to here! Doesn’t everyone deserve a snow day and then to relax in one of our beautiful rooms and have a hot bath in one of our soaking tubs?… Continue Reading

Area Events

March comes in like a lion and brings many fun events with it. Stay over with us before the event and get an early start to the day. Return to us after the event to recap the events of the day in one of our luxurious, beautifully decorated guestrooms. 10th annual Tour de Tanks Set… Continue Reading

Enough Already!

Raise you’re hand if you’re sick of this polar vortex nonsense!  I walked in the door to the Mansion today and was greeted with the smell of delicious things coming from the kitchen and a warmth only hot-water radiators can provide.  No wind chill here!  So even if it’s miserable outside, it’s just as comfortable… Continue Reading

Be My Valentine, Please and Thank You!

What’s the take-away from all the ‘Hallmark Holidays’? It’s show the ones you care about how much you love and appreciate them.  And sometimes that means carving out that ever elusive one-on-one time together, without distraction.  Imagine from 4pm until noon the next day, you have no schedule, no obligation, nothing to do other than… Continue Reading

Don’t Let the Groundhog Ruin Your Stay

So that is SUPER annoying. For everyone who had hoped we’d get off lightly after the Polar Vortex 2014 experience, think again. The brisk February winds continue to blow, Punxsutawny Phil saw his shadow, so we hunker down and wait until March.  In fact, as long as I can remember, we celebrate the St. Patty’s… Continue Reading